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    The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co.
    Mole's Quest
    Rescue your belongings which the miners have scattered throughout the mines after they destroyed your beautiful home. Jump from platform to platform, grab a belonging, and jump back safely to complete each level.
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    Bubble Battle
    Clear the starlanes of subspace vortices while avoiding contact with these energy-draining bubbles. Your ship is armed with weapons to destroy vortices and defend against alien invaders. Collect power-ups caught in vortices.
    Flak Attack
    A horde of robot commandos are attacking your base from the skies above. You have but a single cannon to use to stop the invaders. Destroy enemy ships including satellites, jets, and helicopters. Beware of damaging friendly UN cargo carriers.
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    Small BOT Screen Shot  
    Prevent the Mother CPU from completing its military conquest of the planet. To succeed you'll need to pass through 5 levels of BOT soldiers plus the boss BOT at the end of every level. Pick up extra grenades, armor protection and more powerful (and experimental) weaponry along the way.
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