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    The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co.

    This soundtrack album include
    all the music from the game
    plus a bonus track!

    Available on CD
    or via download

    The Tracks
    01. Cave Paintings
    02. Main Titles
    03. Market Faire
    04. Rhene's Theme
    05. Elk Fanfare
    06. Boar Threats
    07. The Known Lands
    08. Sanctuary of the Orb
    09. Hall of the Forest King
    10. In the Boar Castle
    11. Audience with the Boar King
    12. Tycho Northpaw
    13. Stargazing
    14. Prince's Brutal Minuet
    15. The Wild Lands
    16. Injured Kitten
    17. Kylas Honeyfoot
    18. Cat Festival
    19. Rescue
    20. The North Island
    21. Shiala
    22. Dark Claw Wolves
    23. Sunspot Station
    24. Human Ruins
    25. Exploring the Dam
    26. End Credits
    27. Cool Pigs (bonus track)

    Click any to play a snipet.
    Snipets are 630KB in size.

    Download Album Cover Art
    1024x1024    640x640    320x320    160x160

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