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    The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co.
    Game Trial Versions
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    Other Downloads
    Demo Versions
    Inherit the Earth Demo for WindowsShort demo version -- playable in ScummVM
    Updates and Patches
    We no longer provide separate update or patch programs for our games. Please just download and install the current trial version of the game, which will act as a full version if you have already registered the game on your system!
    Inherit the Earth IntroQuicktime movie (15MB)
    The Labyrinth of Time TeaserQuicktime movie (18MB)
    Quicktime movie (2MB)
    Full Versions
    The Labyrinth of Time for AmigaFull version, LHA archive
    The Labyrinth of Time for AmigaFull version, ISO image
    GPL/LGPL Software
    Simple Directmedia Layer Library (libSDL)Used by Inherit the Earth Linux and The Labyrinth of Time
    FLTK GUI ToolkitUsed by The Labyrinth of Time for Linux demo
    The Labyrinth of Time Config ProgramPart of The Labyrinth of Time for Linux
    Inherit the Earth is a registered trademark and Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb, Retro-Action Paq, Mole's Quest,
    Heroic Havoc, Instant Circus Is Going to Get You!, Temple of the Dragon Kin, Befouled Maze of teh Demi-Lich,
    The Beast Below, Raiders of the Cloud Castle, wyrmkeep.com, the Wyrm in a Keep logo,
    and The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. are trademarks of The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co.
    The Labyrinth of Time is a trademark of Terra Nova Development. The Mac logo is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

    ©2019 The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. All rights reserved.